As I have recently came back from a citybreak in Amsterdam, I can’t stop comparing the city with our beloved capital of Romania, Bucharest. What could a city like ours offer to the Dutch people, in order to surprise them and make them come back again again? 

You can’t use a boat on Dambovita to get from a part of the city to the other.

Riding bikes is still a sensitive subject.

You might enjoy some papanasi though, instead of your tasty waffles ❤

You could try some mici instead of bitterballen.

That is if you are able to order them at a restaurant, as not everyone is speaking English. Even less chances are for German-ish languages. You could try Cluj Napoca for that.

Smoking marijuana is illegal.

Prostitution is also illegal.

The old beautiful buildings are mostly ruins.

The night life is pretty fun.

Not much support for the electric cars.

I don’t think I have any story to convince you to come by. But, our friends from Citinerary have a couple of stories that will make you so curious, that you’ll buy a plane ticket to Bucharest quite soon. And if you like what they do, you can be a mecena and support their Kickstarter project.

 Actually, Bucharest is great and I’ll be more than happy to tell you some of its stories 🙂

###The Kickstarter project was a success, let’s see now what is the Citinerary team preparing now!

Versiunea în limba română

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