I’m a foodie and I don’t care

That’s why I can’t keep a diet – I like food too much and I’m too curious to try new things. Just few days ago I wanted a fresh orange juice and ended in an Indian place and ate Tibetan Momo.

Now, I’m curious to discover more and more dishes from different cultures, so if you know nice places, let me know.


Past, Present and Future of Education

This nice and colourful infographic shows what is the evolution of Education – how cultural currents and political events influenced it.

I don’t know how many of you guys still remember this things from History classes at school – details about hieroglyphics and alphabets. The good part of this infographic is that the professors will stop being controllers and start being supporters – in twenty years. (more…)

Fall look for Halloween

When I was a kid in primary school, we had this shows for our parents where we used to dress-up in all kind of characters from our popular stories. This was before Halloween madness, so no Rapunzel, maybe Ileana Cosânzeana.

Because today everything is all about Halloween costumes (and parties), I decided to wear Fall 🙂 (more…)

Just another motivational video

I don’t really like youtube videos with kids, but this is definitely something else. You have to like. What I do like are REAL motivational videos, which make you thinks a bit about yourself and about how you treat others. Finding this Kid President was even more fascinanting because, well… Read more…

Random thoughts

Yesterday was Alex‘s Be Who? Be Me! book launch. The atmosphere was rather intimate and we could socialize with other guests there without a problem. Here you can find a few inspiring ideas, which got me thinking a bit about my life. every person has a story you live, you Read more…