My manifesto centers around  Nature and the greater Universe. It represents the essence of my reasoning, of my decisions, of what is right and wrong, of  love and compassion ,of my being. I have learned many things by observing Nature. One thing I have learned from  it is  that I am the voice of the Universe. Through me the Universe can be admired and I am a result of endless and unparalleled phenomena. By this I mean that I did not come into this World, I came out of it and I will eventually return right back there. I feel big and unique when I think that even a tiny bit of my body and mind came from  the sky.

 Life is the most magnificent thing that can happen and I will try to protect it. This was the first lesson I had learned back when I started thinking and exploring my surroundings. As a child I had learned to have compassion and treat every being like my equal. I consider my life equal to that of  the rest of all beings, from that of a whale’s  to that of a tick’s .I have no right to consider myself superior to them as they are too expressions of Nature in the same way I am. Nature brings me peace and spiritual fulfillment .Nature reminds me where my roots lie; it is my past, my present and my future.

 This Earth is my only home which I must cherish and protect as in turn it feeds me and sustains me. I do not fear death, moreover I will embrace it when the time is right. I treat death as a continuation of life after I return to Nature. I may stop existing as an individual, but my body will feed the rest of life, the plants, the worms and I will continue to live through them. My after life is my own making. I consider that my afterlife will be made out of all the things I leave behind after my death: my ideas, my achievements, my family, the genes I leave behind.

Nonetheless, all these feelings and emotions of love and respect for everything are not delusional.They are rational and firm. Science helps me to better understand the World thus making me aware of the grand scheme of things. The emotion derived from Science can only be rational. Reason is my tool of learning.

I tried finding an answer to a question that bothered me for a long time: what is the purpose of Life? What is my role? I thought at all sorts of things, but none were of any help. One thing I have also learned from Nature is to see the origin of things, the essence and ignore the add-ons. Life is just another phenomenon which takes place in the Universe like many other phenomena. Having a purpose would mean that something had created me, an aspect I do not believe in if you mind me saying.

 If the Universe is impersonal, then a purpose cannot be taken into account. Some time ago I came upon a simple saying, simple as the answer I was seeking; and this became the missing piece of the puzzle. In the end, I consider myself just a simple human. My existence here is for a short period of time, so short that I should not complicate my life with searching for the hidden mysteries that the Universe holds so tight in its infinite darkness, but rather admire them with awe and reverence. I will  just look and observe as best as my senses allow me, have an open mind and  learn as much as I can from everything, love with my heart and finally… go home. Life is meant to exist.

* Manifestul de la workshopul lui Ariel care m-a sensibilizat pe mine cel mai mult în WinterCamp.

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